07 April 2008

Let The Clamour Echo

To live without a dash daily of Skype would
be a welcome blessing– exceeded only by
a Face Book lessening of the way we peer
too easily on nearest others’ dreams.

To live without PH is still my fondest wish –
a wattle frond that feathers an appeasing,
winged hope to fly from fetters bound to
selling by aggressive mites that sorely itch.

To live without a mass of spam that fills my
inbox space would be a grace I can imagine;
enhanced libido & a phallic augmentation
scarcely rates as enervating conversation.

Despite a willingness to play a part in good
debate the subjects rarely rate the energy;
I’m ready to return to quiet and anonymity
and let the clamour echo on in spite of me.
© 15 February 2008, I. D. Carswell