12 April 2008


You better get used to it, Modern
China hasn’t changed enough to
make it a safe Games visit. Yes, you
can still make those mega millions
investing without risking a cl of O+
blood – Chinese bleeders are much
the same; but the rules which apply
mean little to any other rationality.

You want to test how far Democracy
has evolved? Forget it. Leadership is
estranged – pay a large sum to have
Tibetan’s test it for you & see how the
Chinese could sustain a substantial
military presence in Afghanistan or
Iraq easily, and in so doing join the
free World in an expression of unity.

But guess why they stay home and
suppress what they call ethnic unrest?
Maybe they don’t want to be part of
today's World community. When you can
set standards for consumer demands
without leaving the Fortress, why on
earth would you plan being nice to
anyone but your own Treasury?
© 26 March 2008, I. D. Carswell