27 May 2008

Adieu Daph & Clem

Devastating words were said as warmly
as a light caress – while angst at back
of it’s so clearly read. ‘Tho sad the news
in retrospect was good and meant an
early end to Daphne’s sacrificial agonies.

We’re pleased we said, the pain is far
too evident, although you mask it well.
We could tell the days it got you down.
Your cheery smile was drawn, a sorry
frown misplaced a usually cheeky face.

So we won’t see the friendly grins of
Daph & Clem on Sunday at their Market
stall again; debilitating pain is winner in
a game which keeps all guesses held in
thrall, and age dictated rules hold sway.

That last day selling epiphytes ended
poignantly, Daphne leaves before the
market close to rest – an anticlimax
in a fond goodbye. Least be said, we’ll
keep the ties & always be their friends.
© 12 May 2008, I. D. Carswell