06 April 2008

Agog On Adulation Lane

Meant to say a few stern words about
a gushing splurge of drivel swelling
from the pens of people whom you’d
think should be, at least, impervious.

The names read like a list of dignitaries
to be ashamed of – but then the blame
is shared. To rave is fair enough when
adding words projected to be praise.

And praise is double-edged indeed. It
leaves organic taint of need – like skid
marks on the sheets express largesse
you won’t forget less quaint distaste.

Words you’ve never said can echo only
in your head – while words that you have
writ for fellow needs, for sure, will tease
your lack of wit, exposing it egregiously.

Damn me, ‘tis better that you bite your lip
than join the throng that clusters all agog
along an adulation lane. To flatter far
too easily but earns you notoriety.
© 22 February 2008, I. D. Carswell