12 May 2008


Think of a bigger irony –
an Ogrish industry replaces
our biggest polluter so we
can entertain starvation!

Ok, food shortages and
hunger aren’t exactly
the same – merely related,
unless you’re starved...

Makes a scary bedtime story
your great-grandchildren
will surely see as lunacy. But
we thought it reasonable.

Or so it seemed; the industry,
keen to solve its’ own problems –
make money, provide jobs,
contribute to future growth

Replaces one polluting sloth
with a grain-eating rapacious
land grabber indiscriminately
destroying bio-diversity

making bio-fuels into World-
wide food shortages. The irony
is we cannot see beyond
frenzied economic growth.

And if you need a fake PhD to
work out where the pollution
came from originally – you
probably drive an SUV...
© 1 May 2008, I. D. Carswell