23 March 2008

Changelings Are Afoot Again

Changelings are afoot again –
maimed, ephemeral figments of
manic imagination, the untamed
and fragmented crazy personalities
named facetiously, homunculi who
appear and disappear within obscure
poetic discontinuities.

We must bear their opprobrium,
wear their eccentricity as a right
to be different while they range
free to plagiarise and condemn,
perpetrate mayhem for uncertain
ends – unafraid of convention’s stays
or caring for their fellow man.

Sneers which were original would
pave way for some leniency but
there is no room for crass imitators
and blatant word thieves. Beware,
cheap copies of reused toilet tissue,
the next sound you hear could be
the terminal flush of poetic History.
© 1 March 2008, I. D. Carswell

We live in an age where cyber narcissim is
rampant - for some I am sure it is as near
as they get to 'having a life'!