15 May 2008

Escaped Demons

How do you rationalise the inanity
of a gaoler father incarcerating his
daughter undetected for 24 years?
Pathological lunacy might explain –
but the act of fathering her children
while she remained a prisoner is
indeed a breath-defying enormity.

That we’re figments of delusionary
imagination is more or less ok, but
in this case reality was second-best
to the truly unimaginable scene of a
suburban basement prison created
to let a madman’s demented dreams
materialise into esoteric neuroses.

Lest we forget we’re part of this
tragic scheme, why are we to a
man and woman fascinated by
depravity? Why do we seek effete
explanations in a parody of mock
concern – stage nervous meetings
expressing sincere helplessness?

In my mind we stood aside and let
our concerns for what passes these
days as morality take a U turn. Just
like we did when Hitler baited the
rest of the World to give a shit –
which it did when it was too late to
shut the gate on escaped demons.
© 7 May 2008, I. D. Carswell