10 May 2008

Eugenic Good Grace

Today I’d give humanity a
trip to Space for free. One-
way naturally; a place on
Planet Earth takes more
to earn than lip-service
to eugenic good grace.

I’d say we merely learned
within ourselves, failing to
see bigger things than our
erudite shadows. Walk with
me you say; I have a view
of where we’re going.

Oh, mind the step! Hey, to
walk with me means walk
this way; don’t tread on the
homeless or dispossessed –
that catastrophe is under
user-pays management.

Being alert to opportunity
is a gift of social nous, we
need to espouse money in
whatever forms each chance
encounter allows to pay a
fee for future openings.

We don’t want to miss the
last boat, do we! No, and I
wholeheartedly agree, do
not miss the boat – please!
Meanwhile I’ll choose to stay
and rest in Nature’s care.
© 30 April 2008, I. D. Carswell