23 May 2008

Feel The Width! (rev)

Formerly: Feel the Goddamn Width!

It grieves me to see these ideas writ
in a frivolity of bad taste; no fashion
dictates no fashion – this scandalous
commentary of misused and injured
words is as yet ill-met as brute force
is for lame conformity on demand.

Where went words worn clean as
uniforms in simple sameness, whence
came piercing pins, staples and torn
accoutrement to torment the pages?
Who would deign use the term poetry
in such an insane arrangement?

But the lid is off the can. An ideogram
stands for election, wins on back of
criterion effect. We summed-number
victims see more means best and less
means wasted effort. So, I say, ignore
the quality, feel the goddamn width!
© 23 February 2007, I.D. Carswell