19 March 2008

How To Introduce A Carbon Tax Into Queensland

Between we must decide – a carbon tax or
daylight saving to survive the next decade;
I sense your smile. Daylight saving? Surely
not that load of crap – I thought we’d had
two votes to scrap the dumb idea! To coin
a pansy phrase, it was ‘fully sick’. The other
States may take the Mickey out of us, but
things’ll never change that much round here!

And they won’t while we allow democracy
mean rights the people truly own – so don’t
push on us too hard. You know that every year
you change your bloody clocks and jeer at us as
out of sync. Daylight saving? Utter crap, nothing
but another form of blinkin’ daylight robbery.
And y’know, if it really comes to that I’d say
we’d even rather pay y’ bloody carbon tax.
© 29 February 2008, I. D. Carswell