07 May 2008

Short Answers (rev)

(Formerly: Evading The Short Answers)

Awakening in a pool of stagnant
indecision – brushing aside blue-
green algae clinging to centuries-
old thoughts blanketing
suppressing so damn depressing

seeking a freshness in meaning
escaping demeaning and dire
decisions brought by evading
the short answers of yes no do
not pass go do not collect $200

raging this is not a game life’s
strategies do not have agreed
rules or referees and the fool’s field
is not defined by legible signs that
denote absolute or any dimensions

quaking before bald imperatives
that brook no fantasies hear no
plaintive pleas listen and see nothing
in oblivion as complete as here and
now has no clear idea of tomorrow

sinking in a morass of reeking mud
and cloying symbolism invading the
senses acquiescing to dying comforts
appeased only by being nothing in
an urbane emptiness of nowhere
© 2006, I.D. Carswell