22 March 2008

Signs Benign And Free

In pensive mood I ply the road to
anarchy. Lost in thought of origins
I measure needs that time began,
that lead us to our promised land.

Today the law allows its claim is but
a crown of commonwealth – the tower
within a power of rule which breeds its
right to own and knight authority.

But power confused with patent right’s
oligarchy durst not concede that power
and might, indeed, are far too easily
abused. Simplistically autocracy ensues.

Bring us then democracy the people cry.
Express your voice with carefulness lest
figures in authority suppress your claims
with billy-clubs and weighted chains.

In pensive mood I see the signs benign
and free, a state of anarchy exists within
the tightest rule – the yin and yang in
balance seethes, pleases me so mightily.
© 1 March 2008, I. D. Carswell