17 May 2008

Symmetry Stinks

Disingenuous! Am I a piece of shit –
or are you bagging integrity? If it’s
about me having the wrong number
of milk teeth why am I out of step?

Where did you get that dismayed
face? Playing a tragic comic wont
aid understanding, not with one
breast larger than its counterpart.

I didn’t notice until you started me
feeling useless. Down at heart it’s
the one I liked best anyway,
I’ve always been left of centre.

It’s not to say I lack appreciation,
symmetry stinks, but one bigger
tit speaks louder than Modigiliani’s
sensuous exaggeration.

And the irony is I never lied. I
really like you the way you are.
© 7 May 2008, I. D. Carswell