08 May 2008

Turning The Screw

Could have rebelled, easily said
a few words to tell the pompous
fool how I felt. Counselled to keep
my peace; he’d been a luminary
oaf without surcease – to join him
in such an asinine gratuity would
admit he’d really got to me.

Took solace instead from parties
opposed who became allies if not
friends in face of a rancourous
rhetoric that flatulated judgement –
an obtuse use of august station,
abused sensitivities leaving us
uneasy. Who does he think he’s
kidding – echoed silently.

Few beers later culpable parties
disperse feeling guilty; a moral
victory reveals a misjudgement
by egocentricity – though victim
pays. Laugh will be on another
face tomorrow they agree, we’ll
be ringside when you decide on
the Judge’s retirement eligibility.
© 28 April 2008, I. D. Carswell