09 April 2008

TV Games

I am not
cut out for this! I can’t sit
and watch this game as if
it’s ONLY entertainment.

I lose my cool too easily.
I know the cause is there
in front of me – that damn
TV. Pouring out a falseness

that is so surreal – without
an atmosphere in time and
space; I’d never leave my
privileged seat when at

the actual scene, but here,
the lounge becomes a
civil court, a teeming
inquisition. I am now

a juror to purported facts.
This farce is not the
game I played – how
can I sit and follow that?

Too easy to just up and leave –
why bother with the actual
plays. You’ll see it all again,
in denatured freeze frame

and slomo with blow by
blow commentary; gee,
I’m sure I really will
look forward to that!
© 23 February 2008, I. D. Carswell