25 May 2008


Yep, trimmed the beard – like ‘a see her
do that and not lock th’ bathroom door!
‘Course I was hirsute at 17, b4 I really
had to shave, while she was barely 13,
and I’ll bet a brat – but we hadn’t met

B4 you condemn me I gotta say I neva
seen a girl like her eva – & neva since.
Like she was a bloke she’d a be a Prince
or a damn fabulous mate. So when she
did close the door it was a grate concern

But rest at ease; wind, or rather breeze,
chills the air in there. So when you give
the pins a shave an open door becomes
anxiety. But bearded bush or not to trim
the old gal still looks good to me
© 11 May 2008, I. D. Carswell
an erotic woodcut made circa 1820 by Hokusai.