02 April 2008

You Didn’t Know

The things that never bothered me still do,
from psychology I knew the reason why, one
can’t deny the inner man – somnambulant
until aroused, collapsing out of stress. A lie
accepting that the mess was pre-ordained –
that I was meant to be that way; for years I
merely played the stupid game.

Today I took another view; symmetry and
harmony are true assemblies of a state of
mind beyond the raucous stink of common
think – an entity approved etherically by
greater thoughts than mine. They drive
through me regrettably, a madness of a
greater god becomes my living paradigm.

I recognise the plan. It says that things will
stay the same unless you think outside the
square. And as I never was in there I qualify
for peace of mind. I hear the symmetry that
blinds the deaf, see graphic harmonies in
voices sung majestically. For me it always was
the go – it bothered me you didn’t know.
© 20 February 2008, I. D. Carswell