26 March 2008


Never thought I’d need to say
in words what took my breath
away. I am a son of firm belief,
my mind the least affected by
all token tiers of biased teaching
meant to channel me. But in my
hearing, though impaired by
Army years, there is a space
where incredulity still resonates.

Creationists pugnaciously declared
again our Earth with life arrived 6000
years ago. Sounds a fairy tale – they
say it isn’t so! Unshakeable purviews
are bibled to extremes – misused
and quoted as authority to mess
with heads, stuff them endlessly
like garbage bags. What they claim
is so just isn’t in the World I know.

Like Fundamentalists their play with
truth is but one way – a creed where
biblical inerrancy has made a zealot
of their godlike view; all meanings
are confined to what they say is right
and you must stay within the fold or
die a lonely death outside. My sin
is shared across the world I say –
your vision is the one impaired.

I thus conclude I’ve been misled
for years believing that I shared a
place on Earth with rational souls.
I must be in another place, perhaps
a hole stupidity exhumed and filled
with dogmas so extreme as leaves
one gasping breathlessly. Scenarios
like these tell me of what I used to
be and why I try to stand apart...
© 23 March 2008, I. D. Carswell