02 June 2008

Duly Burned

Whinging bastards are at it again
because, to put it genteelly – it’s
feeding time at the Media Zoo! A
budgetary inspired maliciousness
unveils entrenched stupidity and
we arraign ourselves accordingly.

They, survivors of John Howard’s
ultra-bitchy school of excesses are
freed as born-again eye-openers
of moderation, so hard to believe,
but you have it immortalised and
Turnbullised on radio and screen.

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, a creation
of Rhodes conservative dementia,
double degree in Law and Arts,
makes a play on all things plain &
ordinary – which plainly he isn’t
and manifestly never will be.

But on Budget Day 2008, MBT is
on record playing his lush media
connections to obscene perfection
in a hot credentials display which
might awe all but the charred
corpses of duly burned investors.
© 14 May 2008, I. D. Carswell