21 June 2008

A Few Kind Words (rev)

A few kind words, what can be
bought with that? In essence
just a clique of prose, a verb,
a noun, perhaps an adjectival
phrase offered in the form of
venal praise – and be surprised
at what it buys.

Like fleeting smiles its currency
outweighs the simple form, a hint
of urbane compliment, a subtle
implement to sway discursive
dissertation, stun a lengthy
recitation stealing centre stage;

Oh, was that smile for me?
Profound congratulations are
implied, and truth abides, we
always need a dose of that! I’ll
put it in my hat, my ego is well
fed enough – poets with a fat,
indulgent ego are a nuisance
to the trade.

Thank you for your words;
these words are yours in
kind to muse – I hope you’ll
find some joy in that.
© 13 June 2006, I.D. Carswell