29 June 2008

Good Cobbers Mate

Some dickhead, dropkick ding-bat said
in Urban Dictionary that no dinky-die
Aussie uses ‘cobber’ anymore. Well I’m
appalled a dingo turd would out ‘imself
in such a way. It goes to say that he’s
no Queenslander. A word like cobber is
okay, rhymes with mate don’t cha know.
No worries! Means th’ same at any rate.

Introduced a bloke the other day, said
he’s ‘n ‘old cobber’ from way back to me
old mate Tiny, ‘n he knew what I meant.
Tiny’s a big feller, six foot seven ‘n sees
further’n me. G’day, he says to Slim who’s
fat, pleased t’ meet cha. Ya know Th’ Poet
ay? Yeah, from way back sez Slim grinnin’
like a snake, we was at school together.

Y’ know sez Tiny, Th’ Poet’s a fair bit of a
wanker ay, but any mate of ‘is is a mate
of mine. Put ‘er there cobber, ‘n holds out
his mitt. So I don’t give a spit what they
say about some words meanin’ you’re not
a self-respectin’ Aussie. Both these blokes
are good cobbers mate – I wouldn’t rate
‘em by some bloody Urban Dictionary!
© 2 June 2008, I. D. Carswell