24 March 2008


Grief wears many faces, sorrow
sings a solitary tune to nameless
stars, clings to sanity in grains of sand
on seaward reaches – strands too
bleak for man who walks despair.

Silence is a sombre chorus screamed,
a tomb-like sense where disembodied
voices ring, anomalies of emptiness
that brings unease
surreal in its profound cacophony.

Drowned in misery that seeps
through seamless cells surrounding
lost belief, bound in catacombs that reach
beyond the corporeal, despair that
sinks beneath the bottomless.

No ever easing heartache where
no manic madness brushing cares
away, drear and desolate the
atmosphere, which face
of grief you wear today?
© 22 March 2008