24 June 2008

Ha’penny Alms

Naïve shall inherit where mature souls
lure inflated ideals – it’s said. Doesn’t
mean the meek denied a place would
ever be, there’s room within the Inn
for all who care to gather, but to share
the bounty needs timidity, not take.

Excusing quirks and foibles special to
the characters that man this stage is
keen; we’ve endured their strange,
at times bizarre, at times extreme
behaviour. So what, you say. Please
make your point – and leave!

You need be blind and stupid if at all
deceived by what I’ve seen with eyes
wound wide and mind aghast; the man
relieves himself, pees indecorously in
ha’penny pockets of wannabes naïve –
no other explanation would agree.

These beings that he praises needing
alms is quaint in thinking; is peeing on
thus deemed a privilege and distinction
whence he hails? It holds the answer I
surmise and lays to rest a riddle of just
where and how his popularity derives.

It trickles off one’s brows, my friend,
and blinds receivers’ ears and eyes.
© 30 May 2008, I. D. Carswell

On bizarre commentary behaviours by
some of the cyber-poet fraternity.