15 March 2008


To say the melting ice is just a phase
in cyclic entropy amazes me. Too cute
a way to dodge a measure that we see
most every day. Our ice reserves still
shrink – in truth they do not grow; any
fool will know THAT evidence foretells
a stark reality...

Before the freeze you’ll drown or dry
to dust and
blow away.
Play with words, claim there is a greater
scheme afoot on scales too vast to think.
But look at me and tell me what you see.
How can we wait a thousand years to
prove your claim? The entropy is here
today, we’re on the brink – catastrophes
a wink away.
Come the freeze you’ll be extinct
regardless who you
now believe.
To say the melting ice is just a phase
may well be true, and glory be that you
are right for all Humanity. But think of
what we need today to stop the race
to doom and gloom – to rid ourselves
of baggage room we’ve carried for no
earthy need except our arrant vanity.
© 17 March 2008, I. D. Carswell