26 June 2008

Mummy’s Girl

While we haven’t met I know you well
you are your mother’s smile with eyes
that light up like delighted stars. You’ll
tell me soon it isn’t so, the impishness
is yours alone to catch and throw aloft
to please a spirit free. Oh, I’ll agree, it
is your own; and smile – remembering

You’ll hold your daddy’s hand and ask
in anxious tone – if grandad says I’m
mummy’s clone – what does he really
mean? Your dad will smile and gently
laugh remembering. You are your own
he’ll say, it’s yours to be. Grandad is
a funny man – but he’ll agree

And when we meet in years to come
your mum will say you’re everything
a girl should be. I’ll wish I’d placed a
penny in an urn to seed a celebration
when you turn and claim to Gran and
me; I’m not like mum, just look and
see – it’s she who looks a lot like me!
© 31 May 2008, I. D. Carswell

For “Grommet” – granddaughter-to-be,
due to touch down 23 October 2008...