03 April 2008

Tall Trees

The thing about tall trees bearing
fruit compares with poppies who
outreach their shorter brethren.
Habitually one feels a need to cut
‘em down to size – metaphorically
of course, this is an Orchard,
not a shooting gallery.

A ritual passing by those lofty ones
declaims – We’ll get back to you as
soon as we have dealt with these –
but only happens in your dreams.
Then, of a sudden, season’s end.
Today we picked tall trees – reality
confirms no legend in disparity.

Lesson learned is we need make a
way for taller trees, learn patience;
they don’t complain, bear fruit way
past a usual use-by date. It pays
fair dividends – new outlooks are
obtained, although it takes a wee
bit more of reaching up to see.
© 11 March 2008, I. D. Carswell