18 July 2008

Better Citizen

Be a better citizen the label says, and help
us show the World a better way to healthy
life and happiness. While Nature’s power is
in decline, no doubt a falling out with needs
of far too many mouths to feed, we happily
assist her blessings with a science we’ve
applied to make the genes in normal seeds
a little bit improved. Okay, we’ve modified
a thing or two inside the grain – but now it’s
better than it ever was before. Be assured.

So share with us your worldly cares, be our
partners in a scheme to feed a World in dire
need. Buy some shares, they’re sure to pay.
Eat the food we’ve guaranteed. Genetically.
Take as read just what the label says and be
assured, you won’t be modified in any way...
© 10 June 2008, I. D. Carswell