27 July 2008

Days To Remember

to remember
don’t advertise themselves in tabloid
newspapers; copy sold in yesterdays
taverns express news as fresh as morning
after breath mixed with out of date hints
of Old Spice grumbling in the rear pages.
They don’t always have happy endings

they don’t
carry the sentiment
of Ages like precious
memories of a knowing
touch and earnest wanting
in waiting

Later –
when savoured meaning
of the simple being forever
together asking and a
response you never dreamed
would evade even rudimentary pride
are tasted in the cooler
light of a longer day, you
will say with sentimental
mist clouding knowing
eyes – I said “Yes”

a day to
© 17 June 2008, I. D. Carswell

For Tara & Ezra – Happy Togetherness