23 July 2008

Familiar Rhythms (rev)

Formerly: Absorbed In Familiar Rhythms

Absorbed in familiar rhythms, carillon
of senses steeped in good vibrations,
surrounded by musical beat pulsing
avidly in articulated veins.

Blood heated faultlessly, delivering
purity of sound into reservoirs of
deep power, preserving cadence
of drumbeat accurately – timeless
oceans of sound wound eagerly,
counterpoint to breathing relaxed
codas of rhythmic inspiration
tolling the true song.

Feet tap to old tunes, fingers rap
themes as words free in schematic
admiration. Scenes driven by racing
guitars pour surf back into my soul,
waves break rapturously in the heart,
renewed energies.
© 9 June 2006, I.D. Carswell