23 August 2008

An Easy Lay

We need to understand that this
is not a tacit form of censorship;
technically it’s just a gag on drek
that Willie Nilly put in place –
a shopping list of words we
use too easily to bad effect.

Real censorship is speech
suppressed – of words removed
to clear offense; words intending
harm excised or words so bad
the censor stops them being
read without a grace of editing.

Censorship removes wholesale the
scenes of sensitivities distressed,
vulgar or obscene, cutting out and
cleaning what we’d see most every
day, laundered quite discretely
by deleting them completely!

Whether music, books, TV or Web
it’s part of life, a deal that tries to
lessen strife within our traumatised
society; the price we pay for tripe
has spice excised to leave the pap
we call the ‘sanitised’ expression.

Willy Nilly warns us to avoid the
words he lists (f.ck, a.shole, p.nis,
v.gina, b.stard, s.ck, s.n o. a b.tch),
but is that censorship? Get a life...
One pays the price to post this site
– which seems an easy lay...
© 1 July 2008, I. D. Carswell