20 August 2008

The Law Is A Ass

Actually, the Law is a Ass is what he
said, as in Equus asinus, the donkey,
or perhaps Equus africanus, African
Wild Ass; although he could’ve meant
Equus hemionus onager, the Onager
or Asian Ass, but it would have been
a bit too confusing.

Thought of the Law being likened to a
nice piece of Nubian Wild Ass however,
rather intrigues – pseudo-erotic hints,
jocular reference to ancient history. And
not too bad an idea it would seem. The
black and white of it had to have a start
somewhere back there.

But alas, he referred to Charles Dickens
character in Oliver Twist, the Mr Bumble
who replied, “If the law supposes that…
the law is a ass—a idiot.” And it was all
to do with coverture – the condition of
being a married woman. It has changed
of course – you see, Bumble was right.
© 28 June 2008, I. D. Carswell