18 August 2008

Limited News

It came to a head last Sunday,
for years buying The Sunday Mail
was a treat from me to the spouse
who complained living in Peachester
was like being in a news desert.

Never took her to task over it –
the Mail was literally as good as any
I have ever used to start a fire.
But actually read it, no way!

Glanced at an item unconsciously
yesterday, eyes strayed from sports
page to feature article is my excuse.
Expletive, I say, that’s the same sort
of shit as Sydney’s pejorative style.

Any chance it’s the same rotten rag?
Least for a name it is; News Limited,
which means “limited news” literally,
of THE News Corporation, owns it.

Now whatever else you say about
Rupert Murdoch – owning so many
multimedia entities worldwide
indubitably feeds an irreverent ego –
but not as much as it ensures
complete immunity against the truth
for those who he decides need it.
© 30 June 2008, I. D. Carswell