30 August 2008

Old Tawny

Too many glasses of port lays claim to
the greater part of this day’s dawning,
a nasal affliction with thickness in the
voice suggest a cold – mythology no
less; brewer’s croup is diagnosed and
tightness in the head with avid thirst
attests the truth, laryngitis laid to rest.

Drayton’s took the blame, the bottle of
Old Tawny shamed into submission by
its sheer extravagance, an opulence of
taste far too alluring to resist. This
morning’s Godlike mist has witnessed
miracles of resurrection staged through
restoration of the level there within.

By selfless sacrifice McWilliams Tawny
Select Reserve attains a saintly elevation –
renamed Drayton Family’s Finest, a ruse
I hope will rescue this bruised lad’s now
tarnished reputation. The subterfuge, of
course, will fail unless the miracle extends
to and maintains munificence in taste.
© 4 July 2009, I. D. Carswell