07 August 2008

Softtail Harley

Torque and power,
that’s all I truly live for
now; a solid dream
of freedom flying
eulogised in chrome
and self-esteem.
The Harley Rocker C
I ride is me, softtail, sleek,
a deep and throaty bark
that cries a throttled might
so lightly held in check.

I glide the byways free
to feel the envy radiate,
flee from enmity and hate
by changing lanes – a twist
of wrist, a lean into the
subtle curve of borrowed
fate – slipstream a 4WD
of here and now, slide the gaps
which hesitate but dearly seek
then roar beside and wink
beyond that fatal reach.
© 26 June 2008, I. D. Carswell