12 August 2008

You Will Claim (rev)

Formerly: And You Will Claim

And you will claim we need more births
to keep our population mix in check while
nature’s truths suggest there are too many
of us yet. And you will make the claim with
good intent, wear the jeers precipitated by
our peers; you’ll blame statistics for the
deed no doubt, you’ll see the figures shout
a raw event, a massive rise in aged percent,
a generation which will dent resources you’ve
restrained through stringent fiscal policy.

Is that indeed official view? So make us breed
to right the scale, create a younger set to settle
up our social debt, a captive gang with time in
hand to pay the way. I wouldn’t want to be a
child whose birth was instanced by a budget gift
of 1500 bucks, give or take, accompanied by an
airy pledge that you would make provision for
me down the track.

On looking back I should have guessed your
game, even noted that your ages tell the same
old story; so it’s the ‘Grow Or Die Economy’,
times are hard competing on a Global plane –
a death or glory scheme, again, so nothing’s
changed in that respect. You must have missed
the lead my friend, young ones still won’t breed
in times’ like yours. The cause? Their values are
estranged, their lives are rearranged as such
which 1500 bucks won’t set aflame.
© 27 June 2006, I.D. Carswell