03 September 2008

Being Voyeuristically Reborn

I’d like to rethink part of my life
again. Is it too late to avow and
declare being born was never my
idea? Don’t mean to be ungrateful
or suggest I’m not happy; I am,
but my life was declared for me,
unilaterally, like it or nay.

OK, it’s what I’ve got – won’t give
away easily. It is the mere notion
that somewhere there’s an idea –
an impression of inalienable right
to have at this procreation thing
as recreation – without really
pre-considering what is created.

If it’s going to happen to me again
I’d want some say in the matter – or
a better opportunity to bring to bear
my thoughts on the latter. If that’s
not possible then I’d like to be there
to see whomever is doing this good
deed for me at least does it properly...
© 10 July 2008, I. D. Carswell