23 September 2008

National Prestige At Stake

It is a game after all – a game, spelled
G.A.M.E. Do referees have any inkling
of what’s at stake? Like their credibility?
OK, so one team plays odds and wins
against chance; skill or ability has not a
modicum of relevance. In this sad case
a sorely misguided and visibly irrelevant
referee determined which opportunities
were randomly applied by creative idiocy.

Explanations were as equally accidental
and players questioning decisions were
left to ponder a fate for obduracy. In any
event players paid a price far in excess
of fees due; the game failed to exceed
a farce or achieve heights of the test
match it was supposed to be. Common
ingredient, unfortunately for National
prestige, were all Australian referees...
© 12 July 2008, I. D. Carswell