08 September 2008

Post Your Beaver

Give yourself a break – posting
pictures of your genitals with
fake concupiscence writ as
semi-literate pledges of faux
bonhomie hardly rates
as poetic communication.

Okay, you say, you’ll clean up
your act as soon as this new,
vicarious thrill loses its edge –
about the time runaway self-
indulgence has added 30
pounds to your weight.

Meantime, ain’t it great!
Hey, it’s me, I mean that’s
my genitalia you’re seeing
on the screen. Didn’t post my
face of course for all the right
reasons – but nobody cares.

Apologies; say, while I can’t
agree I knew they were yours
implicitly - don’t know why but
all beavers look the same, I
think I can identify that cuddly
roll of fat around your waist...
© 8 July 2008, I. D. Carswell