17 September 2008

The Power Of The Lake (rev)

The power of the Lake lingers still
though many years have weighed
beyond its fascination ending;
it was there in the beginning,
an unveiling of towering sensitivities,
a flowering of gentle obsessions.

The town that grew in the lee
of the Lake expressed the same
thoughts although hard head
bastards bartered and fought for land,
bought the ideas for profit
without embracing them.

In glory days we frolicked
in the Lake’s warm fringes,
cast or trolled for fish, fell in love
with blazing sunsets and blessed
citizens who shared their bounty.

I could go there now and feel
the same buoyed spirit welling,
infusing veins with an innocence,
placating sad humours residing there.

It was where I learned to be one
with the air and the water,
to breathe the peace which
surrounds all who willingly enter
her gentle embrace.
© 2005, I.D. Carswell