21 October 2008

Azaria Found!

Azaria found

The headline read ‘the dingo’s got my baby’;
Needless to explain I didn’t read the article –
it reeked of puerile adolescence in a way that
claimed too loudly of the depths to which this
rubbish journalism sinks. A ‘please explain’
why Aussie culture’s dead and readers only
read the words of single syllables they boldly
caption in Brisbane’s ‘The Sunday Mail’.

Baby Azaria Chamberlain was indeed a victim
of a dingo pack; it took eight years to prove
the prosecution erred as did the Media whose
bias slewed the views of jurors back in 1982.
The tragedy was greater than a simple ‘please
explain’ could ever ease – now dumb shits like
Jim Tucker, journalist, use equally bad-taste
epithets reporting victory in a rugby test!

His joke that dingoes took the Kiwi coach who
framed the victory smacks of gaucherie which
far exceeds his writing wit – supposedly a jibe
about the All Black team who lost to Wallabies
with praise for ex-All Black Cantabrian, Robbie
‘Dingo’ Deans who coaches them. That in itself
amuses me, with zombie’s brain-dead laughter
being journalistic plaudits that he’s duly earned!
© 28 July 2008, I. D. Carswell