11 October 2008

If It Ever Bloody Rains (rev)

I never said I would,
I only said I could do
what you wished,
a subtle inference
that should
have raised a cautious flag;

maybe I bragged out loud,
made it sound as
if it was intent,
I never meant to make
it seem that way.

So today I wear your
brittle animosity –
just out of curiosity,
how do you manage that?

It smacks me to the core,
though I’ve felt it thus
before I’ve never managed yet
to live at ease with towering
dread that’s leaden
in your steely, silent gaze.

I suppose my only road
is plea of raw insanity,
I’m bruised and battered
from a false belief that rain
would fall and give relief,
that you would see
the consequence of acting
out too soon.

I should tilt the moon,
I knew you’d never fall for that.
Alright, I’ll clean the goddamn
drains; God forbid, if it ever
bloody rains I’ll take the chance
and also dance
a naked jig.
© July 2006, I.D. Carswell