23 October 2008

Joys Of The Chase (rev)

the chase

Colours fade in nameless
shades of gray and where
the tonsure of bas-relief
stands crudely effete –
symbolism degrades
into semantic

The artifacts
of an old existence
deny you humanity
but you don’t recognise
them anyway, they
are not bound to objects
of power which belay
access to reason.

In this flat world of
monochrome un-ambiguity
and ceaseless movement
you hear in a spectrum
of sound that defies
tympanic sympathy, sounds
you feel in your teeth and in the
hair that covers your lean shanks
and in the scents
that surround you.

You move in a world
of here and now, where
yesterday was a stomach full
and tomorrow is an extension
of your hunger for
tastes and sounds
and joys of the chase.
© 2006, I.D. Carswell