13 October 2008

Mein Host

What are you going
to sell me today?
I am from the first waking
moment an empty vessel
poised, eager, waiting
for your dulcet tones
to penetrate – though,
mind you, not listening
specifically, cued attentive
to background tones.

Distorted voices on
the telephone fuel an
ethereal debate that flows
with synergies you seem
to conjure from a hat.
I would argue if I could
with that – the speakers
seem a waste of weird,
no-one takes relenting
views on radio.

But I’m too full of news
which sates my needs –
overfed and bleeding from
your morning show. I know
you will remind me of my
duties as a citizen; no
way you’ll let me play a
dilettante with views
on issues of the day –
other than your own.
© 24 July 2008, I. D. Carswell