05 October 2008

Olives On Toast

Olives on toast – and not an ordinary
bread but rich in bakers’ history – fare
well dressed in favoured fruit of food’s
digestive inference; one for health and
full of grain stone ground, the other
roundly proud in taste allegory.

We bake the bread; nature plays its lead
in teaching goodness is in sun and soil –
industry deludes itself believing additives
are invocate to needs addressed; bleeding
hearts and profits set aside they lie with
teeth a-bared as opus stock and shares.

Plant an olive tree aware you wait for
years to see the fruit to plate; if palates
cannot wait then buy a slice of someone
else’s plastic-easy paradise – real taste
ain’t free temporally, pay for time with
taste and waste your fractious life...
© 17 July 2008, I. D. Carswell