09 October 2008

Ready To Step Into Life (rev)

This morning coffee in hand standing
at the window thinking of things
that need to be done
I contemplate the post with a lean
at the front gate which I should right one day –
and wondered why

I like it that way
trying to take a first step
embark on a journey perhaps
move in a new plane
like the man who ponders

If I straighten it
it will be from subconscious desires
I don’t understand
I should wait
it might succeed
then something new will trouble me
until I see it has gone

Today I am building a frame
which has been planned for years
to suspend something miraculous
(anything I succeed in is miraculous)

If it rains
(and there is no miracle in that)
the suspension will protect us from damp
I have copied pictures in my mind
to graphics on paper
they are somewhat alike
leaning a bit like the post
ready to step into life.
© 2005, I.D. Carswell