29 October 2008

What Is Yet To Come

I prefer to write
than read poetry
enlightenment is rare
time spent wondering what
was meant is energy wasted
sensitivity dissipated 

it’s not about lacking empathy
I care to read but I’m rarely able
to grasp those cryptic terms
expressing things I wouldn’t
have said that way

I imagine you listening
– a quizzical look, nodding
occasionally and drifting
visibly between lines, your eyes
lost to intangible distances
and I despair it is me 

we have to reconnect
to where we were somehow
to know it is right I need
to feel a jolt of return energy
that a circuit is complete
but I cannot find it there 

I must hear the inner voice
vocalising wonderment of birth
in each new word’s creation
relaxing and flowing into a verse
listening with a sixth sense tuned
to what is yet to come
© 3 August 2008, I. D. Carswell