14 November 2008

After The Rain

after the rain

Resurgent greens and stronger hues
enjoined within the colours in-between
will spring again, the reddish brown
has nearly gone and all the silver
grays erased in darker shades that
shine with slickly natured stains
after the gentle, gentle rain.
Clouded skies unite and demonise
the dry and dusty plight of days of
brutal beating sun and scathing wind,
the thin veneer is quickly peeled and
puddle-swamped in bloodied muddled
swirls of slushy coloured earth that
tinge the tracks of heavy wheels.
The welcome cold at first conceals its
damp and chilling steel, and in the icy
shades of night the frigid bite ignites
less welcome sentiments until the wrap
of insulation seals the warming heat,
sanctifies the stolid feet and frigid toes
with subtle sweep of warming blood.
After the rain and in the morning when
the sun returns to claim the earth the
mist surprises, rising unabashed and clean
again to grace the nascent waiting skies.
© 2006, I.D. Carswell