20 November 2008

Oh To Be Abkhazian


Oh to be Abkhazian – advised by
Russian greed to ruthlessly claim
your sovereignty, armed to fight
a war which no-one needs nor
makes an ounce of sense, made
citizens of Russia less apology, or
choice, or any form of deference
to recognised validity.

The thousands that you disposed
and chased from land they owned
for centuries know brinkmanship was
not an act of self defence supporting
Abkhazian liberty; the facts all bear
the rabid stamp of Russian policy –
no prizes guessing reasons why or
that there’ll be a price to pay.

The brutal ethnic cleansing used
again extends the clumsy way our
Russian neighbour broods on history
revised in their benevolence – to
claim they want a just and lasting
peace is just an act, the only peace
they want is thus a piece of Georgia
drained and bowed and disabused.

Oh to be Abkhazian – benighted
yes, and puppets true, but in the
light of a whole-scale Georgian
invasion by Russian troops –
knowing you were easily used!
© 11 August 2008, I. D. Carswell