03 November 2008

To Keep The Ambience Alive (rev)


When you thanked me for the day
I felt ashamed, I couldn’t say it
wasn’t much because it was for you,
I had enjoyed it too although it was
another day like any other day we’ve
had before in our association.

Most days are good, a few we do
regret, perhaps we would forget in
time those left to shrivel of neglect;
in that respect I cherish all the days we
have together, the clearly lesser days
enhance the really better days.

It seems I nearly made the wrong
connection once again, it wasn’t just
the day concerned, and in the manner of
your special way you meant your thanks
for my behaving well, your words discerned
my keeping calm and staying cool.

I hadn’t spoiled the atmosphere you cherish
in your quest for light and harmony, and you
enjoyed my company – felt the gentle vibes;
the pointed lance and acid barbs were curbed
and tied in balanced sense, a sane defence
to keep the ambience alive.
© 18 August 2006, I.D. Carswell