23 December 2008

Another Barbeque Tonight (rev)


It rained throughout the night, a truly welcome sound
that eases sleep – although we barely slept, disturbed
we were by other things. Today the kitchen’s centre
ring – the kitchen of Anita’s dreams.

It’s had a long gestation, twenty years it’s taken just
to reach this actual day (that’s in this iteration, there’s
been some early versions in the past) and now at last
the preparation is complete. The work begins.

Even as I write the soothing sound has blessed Anita’s
dreams, a complement and sign that what we scheme
is timeless in itself, the wealth of what we have includes
the kitchen soon to be restored to life.

Includes relief in sight from crippling drought,
includes returning green, the birds who flock
and scream their joy with mien delight and,
good Heavens, another barbeque tonight!
© 2005, I.D. Carswell